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We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company "Driller Co For General Trading & Oil Service Ltd" as a fully registered Iraqi company which interests in supply materials and services to oilfields requirements.
Driller Co . has been established since 2008 in the southern of Iraq in aim to responding oilfields requirements with capital value 3,000,000,000.00 ID .
Driller Co . works according with international standards / practices , to assure the quality management , So it has ISO:9001:2008 & ISO:29001:2010 ,  ISO: 14004:2004 , OHSAS: 18001:2007                    
 As well as , it’s member in international organization like ; 1- IsNetworld Organization for classification , prequalification & certification the worldwide suppliers .     2- ARIBA Organization for providing technical information of suppliers.
3- ROO ( Rumaila Operation Organization) to qualify/approval the suppliers / vendors of BP inside Iraq . in addition to membership in Basrah Chamber of Commerce with Excellent class .
Driller Co . is providing many services related oilfields requirements , Like; Supply spare parts and materials , supply logistic services like rig move , rental equipments , catering , camps maintenance .
But the major scope of Driller Co since establishment is “Supply Drilling/ Workover Rigs spare parts, equipments & accessories.
Driller Co. and since establishment , supplied many orders to its customers with different types , origins & kinds of spare parts and equipments in addition to the general materials related Drilling / Workover Rigs.
Furthermore ...
Driller Co . Is listed and approved by SOC in the trust and sober Companies inside Iraq under serial No 4 in SOC List.
SOC officially published / Introduced Driller Co. to the International / National Companies inside Iraq as Sober Company and gave instruction to depend Driller Co . with Direct and indirect invitations to performing the projects related the following scopes :
-        Supply Electrical , Mechanical , Control , Drilling & Completion fluids and Materials equipment's works.
-        Providing / performing the projects of Pipe Lines , Turbines and Pumps operation and maintenance .
-        Providing Drilling / Work Over Rig Move Services .
Below the Photos of two official letters issued by SOC and announced / published to the International / National Companies inside Iraq 
Our company totally depends upon the field experiences of the founders and members being acquired from direct implementing of Oil wells drilling and supplying relevant equipments and materials. The owner and deputy manager Moneer M. Hadi was previously working in The Oilfields. As a manager of drilling and Workover projects .So he has very extensive know-how in this regard. The second reliable person is Jawad K. Alsary "Sale Manager" who has a long chain of knowledge in supplying most of the Oil Industry materials and equipments for a very long time since he was involved in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as a representative for a lot of international companies in many State-owned companies i.e., South Oil Co., South Refineries, South Gas and North Oil company as well.
Being confident, trusted and reliable, Driller Co. concluded numerous contracts with State-Owned companies such as South Oil Co. and Iraqi Drilling Co. as well as private companies to supply high quality materials from very well-known suppliers in the world. All the implemented contracts are legally authenticated.