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Driller Co. is providing waste management services to oilfields operations

Waste management prioritized strategy …


Responsible Disposal
It means beginning with the moment when drilling fluids starts circulating. The Company has already begun its integrated solution for drilling waste management. NOV MI SWACO Solids Control System will connect directly to the overflow, and will recover maximum mud and discharge minimum waste following a four-stage separation of the solid phase via linear motion shale shaker, desander, desilter and centrifuge. In this way, it makes the best of solids control system, retrieves more mud, reduces mud adhered to drill cuttings and minimizes
Zero waste discharge still remains a bit away after going through the previous four steps, therefore solidification, thermal desorption, cuttings reinjection and biodegradation will be utilized to push towards the goal as the last step.
Hi-G dryer and vertical dryer can be introduced as drill cuttings usually take away much drilling mud and thus raise drilling cost. Hi-G dryer manages oil content and water content down to 10% from 30% while vertical dryer lowers oil on cuttings below 5%, to the greatest degree, with small rotary speed and centrifugal filtration. Either of them is effective to recover drilling mud and shrink drilling cost
Recycle & Reuse
Water is the most essential source and is most easily to be contaminated at well sites, especially at oil & gas exploration sites mostly distributed in water-scarce areas where water is invaluable and it is a high necessity to properly utilize and recycle it. The second step is dewatering and water treatment since solids contain abundant water being removed by solids control system. The solution processes mud up to standard via high-speed centrifuge, filtering system, purification system, etc. and reuse it at drilling oilfields.
Drilling Fluids
Completion Fluids
Drill Water / Wash Water
Drums / Buckets / Cans
Pallets / Sacks
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